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Making Innovation Happen

Josh Valman is a world leader in rapid innovation and manufacturing.
He is the founder and CEO of RPD International, a business powering corporate R&D departments around the world.
Josh began his engineering in robotics, entering the TV show 'Robot Wars'. He went on to work in China, developing manufacturing facilities and helping major corporates reduce their costs and restructure supply chains, whilst he was still at school.
Josh has gone on to build RPD International, a business that asks what might happen to the world, if companies had the ability to launch, test and develop products in weeks, instead of years. They currently help achieve this in everything from consumer electronics, to medical devices, to industrial equipment.

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Current Business Positions

Chief Executive

Josh is the Founder and CEO at RPD International, helping companies develop, launch and manufacture new products, from medical devices to food, to industrial.

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Board Advisor

Josh is an advisor to several committees at the Royal Academy of Engineering, advises multiple startups, and a contributor to 3 investment committees.

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BBC Robot Wars

Josh began his engineering career with the TV show 'Robot Wars'. He returned to series 9 and 10 of the show with Team Rapid, an experiment in extreme design.

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Helping Companies Drive Change and Innovation

Josh works with companies to help them execute on new innovation, in product, process and supply chain.

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Corporate Speaking

Conference keynotes focussing on how to encourage innovation, and manage change within your business.

Product Workshops

Workshops to help teams develop new product propositions, with a focus on how it's made and what it will cost.

Innovation Consultancy

Helping big businesses develop innovation programs that make spend more predictable, whilst engaging more people.

Advisory Positions

Josh also holds several advisory positions at the Royal Academy of Engineering and multiple investment groups.

Keynote Speaker Subjects

Josh speaks on the subject of innovation and change within business. We explore how to encourage a culture of innovation, inspire teams, future technologies and new ways to look at supply chain.

Making Innovation Happen
30 Minutes + Q&A
The Making Innovation Happen keynote focusses on how to create a team or business that is able to evolve and change. It's an actionable talk, that looks at how some of the best innovators in the world ensure that their process delivers results.

The talk firstly looks at how we define innovation, and what it really means? Why does innovation budget go to waste, and why does innovation always shout risk?

We then explore how innovation can be managed more effectively, potentially even as a predictable process for creating a return on investment.

We explore the process for managing innovation, seen inside many of RPD and Josh's clients and how they are able to go from creating cultures that inspire contribution from your teams, through to controlling the risk in a go-to-market strategy.

This talk has been designed and evolved to leave audiences with actionable insight, to take back to their desk and begin executing.
The Future of Consumers
30 Minutes + Q&A
The Future of Consumers keynote looks at how the world is changing, and how a business needs to evolve to be able to keep pace with their customer. It looks at how consumer expectations are changing, and how to build processes and products to address this.

We live in a world that is now so interconnected, there is no chance to launch a product that isn't perfect. The second something is launched, the entire world has an opinion, and access to everybody elses's opinion.

How do we build new processes to understand what consumers really want? With expectation so high, we can no longer trust the results of observation based market research. Can we truly understand what people do with our products, and design accordingly?

If we can work out how consumer behaviour changes and evolves, how to we develop systems to help us deliver new products to market quicker? With most consumer trends now lasting just 6-9 months, how do we bring the average corporate go-to-market time down from 3-5 years?
Growing Global Business
30 Minutes + Q&A
It is harder than ever to grow a business without embracing a global perspective. This keynote looks at how RPD International has built our brand across multiple countries, cultures and industries.

The talk explores the pitfalls of growing the business from a small office in London and some suppliers in China; to a global business with 4 offices and over 120 manufacturing outlets.

We look at how moving between languages and alphabets can cause complete breakdowns in communication. How can two people who speak the same language still not make communication work? What do we put in place to stabilise this interaction?

The talk touches on supplier relationships, control and instruction. How do you work with contractors and partners in a predictable way?

Broadly - how do you inspire global team members to work cohesively toward the same goals?

This session focusses on our learnings, and then throws open to the room for an interactive discussion around the audience's experiences. It's usually most suitable to smaller groups, although has been adapted for audiences up to 1,000 people.
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